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YOGA & MEDITATION TRAIL Yoga and Meditation Retreats



“Communion of the soul with the universal soul of God” Yoga and Meditation Retreats


Yoga strengthens the body and mind, giving us mental peace and physical power, as well as helping us fight disease and live a longer and healthier life. Yoga’s spiritual essence is meditation. We can begin to bring greater understanding of who we are, our purpose for being here, and where true happiness lies into our lives by practising meditation. Meditation reveals the inner workings of the mind and emotions.

It also helps us in the development of clarity and wisdom, allowing us to gain a better understanding of life. Saints and sages have practised meditation to achieve the joyful state of self-realization. A person in this consciousness is free of temporary worries, anxieties, and concerns and is immersed in a higher spiritual happiness and inner peace. Yoga and meditation are the art and science of systematically observing, accepting, comprehending, and training each level of our being in order to coordinate and integrate those aspects of ourselves and dwell in the direct experience of the centre of consciousness.


The Yoga has four principle forms named!

Karma Yoga               :               Uniting with the Supreme Self through “Work”

Gyana Yoga               :               Uniting with the Supreme Self through “Knowledge”

Bhakti Yoga                :              Uniting with the Supreme Self through “Devotion”

Raja Yoga               :               Uniting with the Supreme Self through “Psychic Control”

“Patanjali” was the first Philosopher and Teacher who made “Yoga” a proper scientific discipline. Yoga is being practiced in India since the last 5000 Years. The “Ashtanga Yoga” of Patanjali consists of Eight Limbs with the help of which, one can attain Realization. The Eight Limbs are, Yama (Restrain), Niyama (Self Discipline) Asana (Posture), Pranayama (Breathing exercises for the Lungs), Pratyahara (Withdrawal), Dharana (Concentration), Dyana (Contemplation), Samadhi (Transcendence).

YOGA TOUR WITH US: For YOGA tour of ours, there will be different options, most of the resorts and hotels also offer the classes. We provide various options to clients. Our general Yoga trip includes STAY IN A TYPICAL ASHRAM or at a luxury resort. Combining Yoga with conventional sightseeing is a great idea a week spent at Ashram does wonders to morale and rejuvenates.  If you  don’t want to stay in Ashram, we can give you stay at a proper hotel/resort in town and arrange classes in Ashrams


05.30 A.M. to 06.30 A.M.              Meditation classes Yoga and Meditation Retreats

07.00 A.M. to 08.00 A.M                Yoga class Yoga and Meditation Retreats

08.15 A.M.                                          Breakfast

12.00 Noon.                                        Lunch

15.00 A.M. to 15.45 A.M.              Lecture

16.00 P.M.                                           Tea

16.30 P.M. to 19.00                          P.M. Yoga & Meditation Classes

19.30 P.M.                                           Dinner

(NOTE) During free time guest can also go out if they wish, They may take a gate pass from the security and come back before time.


DAY 01:                 DELHI – HARIDWAR – RISHIKESH (220 KMS 6-7HRS)

Start early morning (around 7 Am or if possible at 6AM to avoid traffic)

Arrive Rishikesh by afternoon and check into Ashram.  Briefing about weeks schedule. Evening may visit the Ghats for viewing of prayers. Overnight at Ashram.

DAY 02:                 RISHIKESH             AT ASHRAM. Yoga and Meditation Retreats

DAY 03:                 RISHIKESH             AT ASHRAM

DAY 04:                 RISHIKESH             AT ASHRAM

DAY 05:                 RISHIKESH             AT ASHRAM Yoga and Meditation Retreats

DAY 06:                 RISHIKESH             AT ASHRAM

DAY 07:                 RISHIKESH             AT ASHRAM

DAY 08:                 RISHIKESH – HARIDWAR – DELHI

Return to Delhi and drop at Airport to board flight back home. Yoga and Meditation Retreats


Please note if someone wants to stay for longer duration in Ashram, same can be extended. In Ashram they allow 15 days and maximum 30 days… Yoga and Meditation Retreats

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